Thursday, December 26, 2013

Heresy-era Salamanders: Legion Glaive 'Kesare's Fury'

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday and the 'Resin Fairy' was good to you all! Thanks to Mordian 7th Xmas came a little early for me this year (August) and it came in the form of a large chunk of resin from Forge World. I spent some time these past few weeks slowly getting the Legion Glaive kit all sorted out, washed up, and cleaned up. I personally really like the Fellblade but thanks to Forge World's description of the Glaive " the Salamanders and Dark Angels have long been noted to field Glaives as a matter of course; the XVIIIth Legion’s artifice is more than sufficient to maintain and replicate the arcane Volkite technology" changed my plans about which model to get. So, without further ado, I would like to present to you Legio XVIII's Super Heavy Glaive 'Kesare's Fury':

This was my first attempt at such a large kit, I do not generally go for the super heavy vehicles, leaving that to Mordian 7th, but the Salamanders will have a very different outlook on super heavies. This is the last item to be built in 'stage 1' of the Heresy Salamanders project; with this 'lord of war' I am now at 2925-3000 points. Stage 2 of the Salamanders project will include another super heavy 'lord of war' which will be a Legion Falcion (space marine crewed Shadow Sword). 

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by and taking a look! I am now going back to the painting desk (yes I am putting paint to a brush!) for the next few days! Take care!


  1. Nice ... really nice! ^_^ Merry Xmas to you and happy holidays too.

    1. Thanks so much! It was a fun kit to put together. Hope your New Years to great!