Saturday, February 25, 2012

Loaded and Ready for the Assault on Godhammer

'The Imperium does not breed warriors with the warm hearts of men, but angels with the cold hearts of weapons.'

Greetings once again! This weekend sees me making sure I am ready for the trip across the pond to England next week. My good buddy Mordian 7th and I are making a pilgrimage to England to play in the Tempus Fugitives narrative campaign weekend called Hammer of the Gods. This trip should be a blast! I am so excited to meet and play with the fine folks at the Tempus Fugitives!

Here is a couple of shots of the army fully assembled on the embarkation deck awaiting the final 'oaths of the moment':

I will leave you with something that was overheard while the units mustered onto their transports:

"This is my Bolter. There are many like it but this one is mine. My Bolter is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Bolter is useless. Without my Bolter I am useless. I must fire my Bolter true. I must shoot straighter than the Xenos who are trying to kill me. I must shoot before they shoot. I will. Before Sanguinius I swear this creed: my Bolter and I are defenders of Humanity, we are the true masters of the Galaxy, we are an Angel of Death. So be it, until there is no War, but peace. Ave, Imperator, morituri te salutant."

---Squad Pellario’s Embarkation Chant —
Blood Angel’s Strike Cruiser Sangreal

Take care all and thanks for looking! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Brightest of Angels---Finished

I actually had a bunch of hobby time this weekend and I managed to finish up my version of Sanguinius! I had a lot of fun painting this model and it was definitely worth the wait to get to him. I plan on using Sanguinius in the upcoming Tempus Fugitives Great Crusade event in March. Here are some overall shots of the 'Perfect Primarch':

Here are some close-up views of various pieces on Sanguinius:

I painted the Daemon head a fairly neutral color as opposed to a red head because I felt there was enough red on the miniature as it was. Speaking of red, I painted the sword red because according to 'fluff' Sanguinius' Master-Crafted Relic Blade is called 'The Blood Sword'. I tried to get the 'Eye of Terra' on his chest plate as well. All in all I am quite pleased with how everything turned out with this miniature.

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sanguinius PiP

Hello there! Just a quick update tonight to share with you all what I worked on today: Sanguinius! I managed to get the gold armor, the red tabards, and the wings all mostly done. All that is left on those colors are any touch-ups needed and to fill in some detail work on the armor. I plan on free-handing (not one of my strong skills) some detail work on the big red cloak but that will come at the end.

Here are some various views of the painting in progress:

Here are a couple close-up views of the brightest of Primarchs:

I will have more time tomorrow to work on him, planning on painting in the armor details, the purity seals, the animal skin, and the sword; at least that is the plan! I am pleased with how the metallic gold turned out. While I do admire the non-metallic metallic approach to painting it is not something I wanted to do for Sanguinius.

Thanks for looking! Comments are always welcome!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Legio IX Primarch---Sanguinius WIP

I managed to finish up the assembly and modification of the Scibor SF Archangel which I think makes a very decent Sanguinius. There are several things I really like about the model (scale, wings, holding a Daemon head) and several things I don't like (obvious press mold sculpture with pieces just placed on to with little reason for them other than to fill a gap, flimsy/broken sword, silly looking Daemon head, horrific base, etc.) so I went at it with some concern on how it would all turn out. I had to change the sword (due to it being destroyed in shipping) and I wanted to add some various GW bits to help tie it in with the rest of the Blood Angels.

I even tried to make a 'greenstuff' blood drop on his knee. I am not very good at sculpting as my 'greenstuff' skills generally tend towards gap filling more than anything else. Here is a look:

Since it has been fairly cold (not above freezing for most of the time) I had to take the miniature to work and prime him there. It worked and he survived the transport to and from work unscathed:

“Sanguinius. It should have been him. He has the vision and strength to carry us to victory, and the wisdom to rule once victory is won. For all his aloof coolness, he alone has the Emperor's soul in his blood. Each of us carries part of our father within us, whether it is his hunger for battle, his psychic talent or his determination to succeed. Sanguinius holds it all. It should have been his...” - The Warmaster Horus

I can't wait to get some paint on him this weekend. Hopefully I will have enough time to knock him out this weekend. I am looking at this as an exercise in METALLIC gold! Thanks for looking and take care!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Predatory State of Mind

Greetings once again! I continued work on a couple of Crusade-era Blood Angel vehicles both of which happen to be Predators. I was given an original Baal Predator by a good friend of mine and while it was slightly damaged and missing some parts I managed to revive it! Here she is ready to roll once again:

Here are a couple of views from the side:

I really enjoy the original models, seeing them brings me back to the days when I first started playing 40k. To continue the Predatory State of Mind theme I finished up the Predator AAV which was used extensively during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.

The Predator Armoured Assault Vehicle was a natural pairing for the Astartes Legions as their crusaded to conquer the stars. In the golden age of the Imperium it became a common sight alongside the ranks of the Imperial Army and the garrison forces who remained behind on compliant worlds. Over the centuries as the crusade was engulfed in heresy and the heresy gave way to the Scouring and renewal that followed, the Predator evolved into a more varied and heavier beast and the AAV (or Mark I as it would later be designated) found itself superseded and relegated to private armies and surplus depots. But in the 31

The Predator AAV is used in the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor expansion. The build of the Predator AAV can be found here. I would like to say thanks to Blood and Skulls for an awesome kit that was a pleasure to work with! Enough about the AAV here are some pictures in its transportation configuration:


As a option, the Predator AAV can give up its transport capacity and mount side sponsons (similar to the modern Predators). Here is a view of the AAV with its weapons (which are magnetized) deployed:

Here is a close up view of the side sponsons:

While I was waiting for various things to dry on the workbench I managed to knock out 3 objective markers. Since I will be traveling with these to England I wanted to have a little fun with them. If you look closely the bunker entrance has 'WMD' posting on it and the fuel depot has a barrel of oil and lots of gas. I had to poke a little fun at our country and its tendencies.

That is all for now. There will be a Sanguinius WIP update later in the week! Just waiting for a break in the weather that will allow him to get primered and a bunch of stuff to get their second sealant coat. Take care and thanks for looking! Comments always welcome!
st Millennium on the battlefields of a thousand worlds, the Predator AAV was an unrivalled combination of armour, firepower and speed.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Painted Blood Angel Rhino

Greetings once again to the Intertubes! I managed to snap some shots of my recently completed Blood Angels Rhino. This Rhino is the dedicated transport for the 4th Tactical Squad (Squad Pellario) of the 4th Company (Knights of Baal) of the Blood Angels. Here are a couple of views of the Rhino:

All in all I am happy with how it turned out. I tried to show that the Rhino is the dedicated transport for Squad Pellario by painting the green blood drop (4th Company colors) on several of the surfaces; I also painted the large number four in Black and Red (4th Tactical Squad colors) although I am not so happy with the way they turned out. I still have to come up with a name for the Rhino (and use a micro pen to write on the scroll on the front) and I am leaning towards 'Grace of Baal'. Suggestions would be more than welcome!

While I had the camera out and the lightbox set up I thought I would try and shot a couple of better pictures of some of Squad Pellario's OOP Death Company minis that were changed over to Tactical Marines. I was not happy with the way the previous pictures turned out so hopefully these will be a little better:

I do believe I am getting the hang of taking pictures of miniatures. I still have a long way to go both with the painting and the picture taking but I am learning and having fun and that is all that really matters!

That is all for tonight, as always, thanks for looking!