Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blood Angels Stormraven WIP

Hello once again! Things have not been idle in the workshop (even though the lack of posts would indicate) lately however I find myself waiting on bitz (Blood Angel shoulder pad #1and Army Painter Dragon Red Primer) at the moment. While waiting for my order to show up at my LFGS I set about changing up a Blood Angels Stormraven.

I am not a fan of the GW version of the Stormraven; the top turret and air-scoop seem incredibly badly planned and executed in my opinion. I removed both offending pieces and with the use of some bitz from the vehicle bitz box I came up with an alternative look to the Stormraven. I am quite pleased with how everything turned out and cannot wait to paint it up!

Here is a couple of overall pics:

Here are some various pics of the areas that were converted the most:

Tucked in Lascannons in the front nose:

Finally here are a few pics of the base I made up for it. I was trying to go for an destroyed Ad Mech facility:

Thanks for looking and take care!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Couple of Land Raiders for the Sons of Sanguinius

I have had a little bit of free time since I got back from England and while most of that free time has been taken up by an editing project that I have I did manage to sneak away for a bit and work on a few things. First off I was able to primer the Devastator Squad and a couple of Veterans for use in various squads.

Secondly I was able to get some work in on a couple of Land Raiders (Standard and Redeemer) that both needed a fair bit of love to bring them up to snuff. I have always hated the fact that an entire section of track is left exposed on the front of the Lad Raiders, while this was covered up by the Frag Launchers of the Redeemer I knew I wanted to do something with the other. After a dig around in the Cities of Death Bitz Boxes I located a nice door with an Aquila on it. After cutting it down, cutting to length, cutting out the back supports, and blending it into the hull with Greenstuff and Liquid Greenstuff I think it turned out fairly well. Here are some various in process pics along with some views of it with a brief coverage of primer (I ran out of primer but got enough to show that the 'front armor plates' do blend fairly well):

Bringing the Redeemer back to life took quite a bit of work. I am glad I had all new bits to make the rebuild a lot easier. One of the options for a Land Raider to take is a Multi-Melta and I had enough actual bits to make 1 so I knew I had to dig into the Vehicle Bitz Box and scratch build another Multi-Melta 'turret'. Both of these are removable and have a small weight to ensure that they sit and stay in their holes. Here are a couple of pics of the scratch built Multi-Melta turret:

Since I have been doing a fair amount of Blood Angel Vehicles lately I have found myself running out of various vehicle icons; so a return to the InstaMold that I tried a couple of months ago. I have learned quite a bit about using the stuff. Needless to say I have been having fun with press-molding 'bling' for the Blood Angel's Vehicles:

Well that is all for now, thank you for looking!
Take Care,

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tempus Fugitives: Godhammer Event Weekend

Hey there everyone! I thought I would share some of the pictures that I took over in England at the Tempus Fugitives Campaign Weekend. Here are some views of the Assault on Godhammer:

This was the host site: Maelstrom Games in Mansfield. All I can say about these folks is they are simply awesome people!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the fun that was had by all! I met some really nice people, had some really good times, and got destroyed most of the time! I can't wait until next time! Take care and thanks for looking!