Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Souvenirs from England and the Tempus Fugitives Event

Well just got back into the States from a trip over the pond to play in the Tempus Fugitives Godhammer Event. I met some truly wonderful people, had a lot of fun, drank too many pints, and did a bit of shopping!

I met up with a wonderful sculptor from the Tempus Fugitives and while sitting in a pub he knocked out a SoulForge (Dark Mechanicus) icon for the top of the Armorcast Warhound in around 2 hours!

Da Vinci is truly a wonderful sculptor and he is so quick! Thanks go out to him for hooking me up with another Sabre Tank Hunter kit for a future project (thinking Alpha Legion).

I would like to leave you with a look at what is on the workbench right now. Trying to bring a little something extra to a Blood Angel's Landraider (the Brass Etch Icons should help as well):

Still a WIP, I plan on blending the front armor plates in with some greenstuff and liquid greenstuff and attach a Blood Angels Icon somewhere towards the rear.

Thanks for looking and take care!

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