Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A little X-Wing on Labor Day

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! It has been a crazy time lately here in Colorado, my health battles continue with another surgery looming on Thursday this week. I am finding it hard to spend anytime at the painting desk lately but I did manage to sneak in a game of X-Wing over the long Holiday weekend. My buddy Joel and I have played a few games of X-Wing in the past but we had always gone very basic and used just the quick start rules; this time around we both wanted to try the 'full' game with all the added upgrades and rules. I must say the game of X-Wing is awesome, especially with all the added equipment, pilot upgrades, droids, etc. I took a few pictures during the game and here they are:

Me in my special Imperial Academy T-Shirt. I thought it would help but alas it did not....

The Space Map from Maps of Mystery. I have always found his maps to be awesome and love the fact that they fold up and store really well. The maps are double-sided and roughly 2' by 3'. 

The forces of the 'good' guys (Ha!).....the Empire!!! It being the first time we used all of the special cards it was interesting to choose which ships to take with what upgrades. I went with 2 named Tie Fighters, a basic Tie Interceptor, and a named and loaded out Tie Bomber. 

The 'bad' guys, i.e. the Rebels choose to attack the Empire with a couple of Rogue Squadron X-Wings, a rookie Y-Wing, and an A-Wing.

 Boo! The evil Rebel Scum.

Yay!! The Forces of Righteousness!

During the game I kept running into some difficulties that may have been caused by my Chemo treatments, I kept forgetting to use 'action tokens' and the first turn I had a complete 'brain fart' with the Tie Interceptor's movement. Yes the Tie Interceptor is facing completely backwards.

The game continued on with the Rebels gaining the upper hand fairly early on despite their ships hitting every single asteroid at least once.

At the end of the day the Rebel Scum managed to drive off the forces of the Empire killing all but a lone Tie Fighter who flew back to report the Rebel presence in the area. I LOVE Star Wars gaming in all forms and I really enjoy how X-Wing captures the look and feel of spaceship dogfighting in Star Wars. I have to really work out a way to use this game when I run Star Wars Role Playing Games (I have written over 15 SWRPG modules) as I think it really captures the experience. 

I can see how involved list building can get with this game and I am sure there is all sorts of Synergy between certain cards/ships and other cards/ships. I am just a casual player but I am sure there are those out there that really get in depth with their lists. For now I will just enjoy the game and leave the competitive side to others. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!