Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Games Workshop's World of Battle: A look at the displays

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! During my recent trip to Memphis I had a chance to stop into Games Workshop's World of Battle for a look around the place. I took a bunch of pictures of the lovely store and especially of the display cabinets! Here is a look at what they have around the store:

Here I am standing in with a couple of the Emperor's Finest:

Awesome Inquisition Display cabinet with captured Eldar equipment:

Striking Scorpion Helmet:

Shuriken Catapult:

Lovely Eldar army:

Chaos warband:

Dark Eldar Titan that was incredible:

Rest of the Dark Eldar army:

I don't play Warhammer Fantasy but if I did I would so play these guys! I loved this army of Tomb Kings:

A cool looking Hobbit display:

A rather cool looking Ork conversion:


A cool looking white Reaver Titan:

The whole Battle Bunker/Hobby Center has all kinds of cool looking stuff on the walls as well as the standard giant Space Marine statue out front:

The stuff on the walls:

I thought this was a really nice touch!

I have one last post/look regarding Games Workshop's World of Battle and it will be a special one.....a look at their cases of remembrance! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Games Workshop's World of Battle: A look at the Game Tables

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! My recent trip to Memphis included a stop at Games Workshop's U.S. Headquarters which is called the 'World of Battle' and is a Hobby Center (retail store) and Battle Bunker (game area) along with all of the actual offices (which were off limits). The whole experience was awesome! The staff were very friendly, helpful, and not too pushy. The venue was stunning with so much to see! I have been to Warhammer World in Nottingham and our version is just as nice but has no Bugman's which is a shame. From talking to the manager of the World of Battle (James Bell, a really nice guy) it is a local zoning issue and not a GW decision. I could have really gone for a 'Fat Bloke' and a pint of Bugman's XXX.

The gaming area was stunning! The ambiance was perfect and the gaming tables were sublime! I wish I could game on such lovely tables all the time! Here is a fairly large picture dump of the gaming tables that were set up at the time of my visit:

The Imperial Sector/A Bridge too Far:

Various other 'alien' worlds:

Imperial Super-Heavy Motor Pool:

Lava World (Salamanders loved this table!):

Imperial Siege World:

Chaos World with floating platforms that were dedicated to the four ruinous powers:

Eldar Crone World with active 'wraith gates':

A stunning Fantasy City that while I don't play Fantasy I would LOVE to play on this table:

This was a 'Display' table with Skaven and Undead that was beautiful:

There were tunnels along 3 of the sides which showed the underground battles:

Rear area was an underground series of rooms to battle in:

There were several pieces of awesome 'ground terrain':

The really cool thing about each of these tables was that each and every one had a 'table scenario' attached to it! You could play the special table scenario or just a regular game which was a nice touch! Here is one of the table plaques for one of the tables I played on:

I got a couple of games in and really enjoyed playing with a fully painted army on such lovely terrain. It was what the game is all about! The visuals were awesome....watching my little toy soldiers fight it out on real looking terrain! Perfect!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I will be showing off more pictures of the actual venue itself with a look at the display cabinets, the walls, the hall of remembrance, etc. Take care!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Painted! 3000 points in 30 days!

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! In preparation for the Horus Heresy gaming weekend held last weekend (Jan 17-19) I had to paint 3000 points of Heresy-era Salamanders and I only had 30 days to do it. Well I did it and here are the army shots to show you!

Here are a few shots of my Legio XVIII Salamanders 24th Line Company in action at the Horus Heresy event:

Glad to have that portion of my Horus Heresy army behind me and I am looking forward to the next stage which will include:

1) Falcion Tank Hunter 'Lord of War'
2) Sabre Tank Hunter
3) Olympia Storm Tank
4) 10 man Flamer Support Squad
5) Command/Honor Squad
6) 5 Jetbikes
7) 70 Shoulder Pads which are on their way!
and of course any and all of the Forge World Salamanders goodies that they come out with. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!