Friday, January 17, 2014

Painted: Heresy-era Salamanders the 'Iron Dragon' Cassian Dracos

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! It is Friday morning here and Mordian 7th and I are heading to the airport soon to catch a flight to GW's World of Battle in Memphis, TN. I thought I would show off my 3rd HQ choice for the event, here is my take on 'the Fallen Master, the Dragon Revenant, First Commander of the XVIII Legion': Cassian Dracos.........

His Banner which I am quite pleased with how it all turned out!

This was a very 'busy' model to paint with lots of surface details everywhere. I need to practice my flame painting a bit more, I would like to have the effect be more muted.....hmmm.

His base and if you look closely you can see a child's little dolly that he almost stepped on.

Cassian Dracos has special weapon arms which combine a powerfist and a special Salamanders flamer unit. I went with Puppetswar arms because I do not like the Forge World ones and I felt these ones looked more Heresy-era (older). The arms came with talons which I painted bone color to represent a Drake's Talons.  I also added a dragon headed flamer/melta nozzle which sits in the center of the powerfist.

The backside of his banner which shows the 'Iron Dragon' icon.

A look at one of his many trophy/fetish ropes and his base.

A look at the other shoulder and the Drake Talons over the powerfist. I think the contrast is nice between the bone and blue. He is a HQ choice and a very special character so I thought this was a decent way to add some more 'bling' to customized Dreadnought armor which happened to have been built by Vulkan himself!

Another look at the dragon nozzle poking out of the powerfist:

That is all for now, gotta get it all packed up in the car for the trip to the airport. One of the nice things about living in CO is we are fairly close to all things in the US and we have an awesome airport! I will have more painting updates when I get back and a whole mess of pictures from the weekend of Horus Heresy gaming! Take care and thanks for looking!


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    1. Thanks! I think it turned out rather well. I purchased these cloth banners as a big sheet from a seller on eBay.