Saturday, January 4, 2014

Painted Heresy-era Salamanders: Tactical Support Squad

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Well the mad dash to get everything painted up is continuing along at a frantic pace and this morning I would like to present to you my Tactical Support Squad which are armed with meltaguns.

I used all sorts of bits and greenstuff to make my Salamanders look 'feral', they are from a deathworld after all. I also wanted to show that the Wolves of Fenris (which is not a deathworld if I remember correctly) are not the only ones who can look feral and still be awesome! Here are some closer looks at the Sergeant:

My Sergeants all have helmet crests but I wanted something a little different for his helmet:

He certainly has hunted down and killed his fair share of large reptiles! I can only imagine the rattle he makes with all the bone trophies:

I think the bionic arm is a nice subtle touch and works well with the darker heresy-era green armor:

Now for the other troopers is the squad. The squad is currently at 5-man but I am expand it to 10-man at some point in the future. I think I might have gone a little overboard with the fetish stuff on these guys but I like it, proves they are some heavy hitters:

The meltaguns came from SpellCrow and they are OK, I think they are a little big and bulky and actually required some shaving and cutting on the backside to get them to line up with the hand correctly. If and when I expand this unit to 10-men I will be making my own Salamander meltaguns.

That is it for now, I am going to scurry back into the man cave and resume my painting. Next up will be my HQ choices including my Praetor. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!

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