Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blood Angels Stormraven WIP

Hello once again! Things have not been idle in the workshop (even though the lack of posts would indicate) lately however I find myself waiting on bitz (Blood Angel shoulder pad #1and Army Painter Dragon Red Primer) at the moment. While waiting for my order to show up at my LFGS I set about changing up a Blood Angels Stormraven.

I am not a fan of the GW version of the Stormraven; the top turret and air-scoop seem incredibly badly planned and executed in my opinion. I removed both offending pieces and with the use of some bitz from the vehicle bitz box I came up with an alternative look to the Stormraven. I am quite pleased with how everything turned out and cannot wait to paint it up!

Here is a couple of overall pics:

Here are some various pics of the areas that were converted the most:

Tucked in Lascannons in the front nose:

Finally here are a few pics of the base I made up for it. I was trying to go for an destroyed Ad Mech facility:

Thanks for looking and take care!


  1. Nice one, looks way better without air intake and turret.

  2. Thanks! I am very pleased with the new look! More in line with a Thunderhawk.