Friday, February 17, 2012

Sanguinius PiP

Hello there! Just a quick update tonight to share with you all what I worked on today: Sanguinius! I managed to get the gold armor, the red tabards, and the wings all mostly done. All that is left on those colors are any touch-ups needed and to fill in some detail work on the armor. I plan on free-handing (not one of my strong skills) some detail work on the big red cloak but that will come at the end.

Here are some various views of the painting in progress:

Here are a couple close-up views of the brightest of Primarchs:

I will have more time tomorrow to work on him, planning on painting in the armor details, the purity seals, the animal skin, and the sword; at least that is the plan! I am pleased with how the metallic gold turned out. While I do admire the non-metallic metallic approach to painting it is not something I wanted to do for Sanguinius.

Thanks for looking! Comments are always welcome!


  1. Wow, Sanguinius look awesome! I was hoping for a "work in progress" paint job. I haven't painted for a long while, and haven't seen a gold quite like that without mixing. Is that true to life? Sometimes camera/lighting does funny things to colors.

    I look forward to either another "in progress" or finished product. As always, thanks for sharing!

    Amani Moose

    1. I feel the gold is very well represented by the pictures. There is a definate 'depth' to the gold when seen in real life. I actually managed to use some 24k gold as the final highlight in certain areas which I think makes it pop just that little bit more.

      Thanks for looking!

  2. Having seen it in person, I can say the armor turned out fantastic! Your pics have been turning out really well of late. Good stuff man!