Sunday, August 25, 2013

Armorcast Chaos Warhound: Canis Messorem Finished?

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! Now that I am done with my GenCon 2013 coverage it is time to turn back to some actual 'hobby' stuff. Before I left for GenCon I had been working on an old Armorcast Chaos Warhound which I have named 'the Reaper's Hound' or Canis Messorem if you prefer the Latin. This weekend actually saw me spending some time in the 'man-cave/hobby-room' which allowed me to finish up the painting on the Warhound. I am not sure if I will do any 'freehand' work on the legs or not but this is were the little beast stands at this point.

An overview look:

Top down look:

A miniature (from the to-be-painted shelf) for scale:

A slightly closer look:

The 'Legion' Icon:

 The 'Soul Forge' Icon:

These two shots are from 'ground level':

Now for a bunch of close-up shots:

Well, now I am just waiting for a chance to seal the miniature, the weather has not been the best lately for sealing minis. After the final sealant coat (which is a flat coat) I will go in and apply gloss varnish to the eyes and the nose which will make them look wet. I am now working on the three Chaos Soul Forge Banners for the beast but I thought I would show you all the progress so far. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. What a great job on both painting and photos!
    Thanks for sharing. You said you may do some work on the legs; did you mean like some of the intricate symbols and things on some of your past figures?


    1. I am not sure if I will do any freehand work on the legs or not. I might paint some hazard stripes or something. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!