Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GenCon 2013: The Miniature Side of Things

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! My recapping of my GenCon 2013 experiences continues with a look at the Miniature side of things. We will have a look at a bunch of gaming tables for various miniature games and then we will have a look at some of the painting competition entries. Here we go!!!

The Front of the Forge World/ Games Workshop/ Black Library Booth:

In one of the Miniature Wargaming Halls I found a massive game of Warhammer Apocalypse that went on all day on Saturday. There was some awesome looking models and terrain including a Thunderhawk Gunship that was being used as terrain :-(

I have always loved the Armorcast Reaver Titan and this one was nicely done.

A fantasy version being setup. From the look at the armies held off table this game was going to be huge unfortunately my schedule prevented me from returning later to see it all unfold.

Continuing our look at Games Workshop miniature games being played here is a massive game of Space Hulk being played on 3D terrain:

I loved the Assault Ram that acted as the boarding location:

Now to step away from Games Workshop games and take a look at the many other game tables that were on display starting with a game of Sedition Wars:

Here are a bunch of really cool looking tables that caught my eye. I could not tell you what game system most of these are for but they are stunning gaming tables:

The water effects on this board were stunning even though they really don't show up to well in the picture:

I think this was a game of Infinity:

The red glowing effects from the hot metal in the buckets was awesome, somehow they all flickered like they were hot:

A largish game of BattleTech Miniatures put on by Catalyst Game Labs:

A D&D Skirmish Board set in the Under Deep:

Dust Tactics? All I know is it was Weird War II but still a cool looking table:

Mercs Minis!!!! Unfortunately my hectic schedule left me without any time to actually get a game of Mercs Minis in. I did have a blast talking with the Mercs gentlemen in their Dealer's Hall Booth, they are such nice people to chat with.

If this post was not long enough for you I would like to reward you for getting this far by giving you a look at some of the painting competition entries. This next pictures were taken through very thick glass so I apologize for their quality. Some of the entries:

That is it for now. Thanks so much for bearing with me on this long post! Next up I will be taking a look at the Roleplaying Game side of GenCon 2013 (which for me was a big part). Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Take care!


  1. Dang - I never even made it into the miniatures hall this year. Missed some cool stuff!

    1. It was cool! It was huge! It was packed with people!

  2. WOW! I'll have to look this event up; looks like everyone was engaged in gaming fun. I wonder... how big were the "red glowing buckets"? There are "tealite" (small votive sized) candles that are battery ofperated and flicker as if they are "lit". I hope you took time for yourself in the melee!


    1. GenCon is always a ton of fun! The glowing buckets were very small, smaller than a tealite candle. They must have been lit with small LEDs with the wiring run through the surrounding plastic pieces.

      I did take a little time for myself although I am generally so busy seeing everything and everyone. I have friends from around the world that I get to see only at GenCon.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

  3. Amazing tables. Seriously beautiful terrain efforts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. One of the main reason to attend GenCon is to see the beautiful gaming tables! It is a highlight of my trip every year. It seems that the tables get better and better looking every year! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.