Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mercs Minis: Project Ascension mini battle report

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! My good buddy Mordian 7th and I managed to get a couple of games of Mercs Minis in over the weekend in preparation for a couple of events we plan on playing at Gencon 2013 in a few days.

Gencon Mercs Events I am really looking forward to:
The Warehouse
Dispatch said that the Special Projects package is in this warehouse. Get in, find the package, get out. Pick up new equipment while you're there. Bring your MERCS team for this fast-paced scenario.

The Docks
Some shady characters down at the docks. Time to clean house. Bring your MERCS team or play with one of ours for this introductory skirmish.

According to what I have seen about the above events they will be played on some professionally done terrain which I am really looking forward to seeing. With that in mind Mordian 7th and I set out to brush up on the rules a bit and have a good time which we certainly did. We both decided to try a new scenario (at least for us) called Project: Ascension which basically is a 'super-soldier' type of mission. The scenario called for a small defending group of 2 Mercs and an Über Merc while the attacking squad had a full 5 Mercs. The goal was to kill the Über Merc, easy as pie........

Table Setup (used in both games):

Game 1 CCC defending versus Kem Var attacking:

Über Merc upgrades (CCC):
-1 FN, Fire and Move with no penalties, -1 Armor Repair, Armor self-repair 1 rd, +1 Blood/2 Rds

Kem Var setup:

 CCC Setup with the Über Merc in the center:

The Kem Var (in the awesome optical camo mini form) advance forward quickly:

The CCC Assault Leader staring at the Kem Var heavy trooper setting up (this can't be a good thing):

The Kem Var heavy had his armor broken by the CCC shooting (why the optical camo has been replaced):

The Über Merc moves forward to help thwart the Kem Var assault which had suddenly stumbled a bit:

The CCC Medic had broken a couple of Kem Var armor suits and was feeling cocky that is until the Kem Var assassin rushed him and proceeded to quickly 'gut him like a fish':

 The Über Merc continues his clean-up of the remaining Kem Var attackers:

In the end the CCC wiped out the Kem Var attackers (except the sniper who scurried off) and the CCC Project Ascension continued!

Game 2 Kem Var defending versus FCC attacking:

(Pictures start mid-battle as I forgot to take them earlier)
The Kem Var Über Merc decided early on to attack the attackers while the Kem Var heavy tried to cover him:

The FCC worked really well in teams of 2 and have already wiped out one of the Kem Var:

The end of the battle with the FCC taking out the Kem Var Über Merc who had charged forward:

In the end the FCC wiped out the Kem Var Über Merc with relative ease. It was not a good day for the Kem Var although the optical camo models were awesome to see and use in the game; it was neat seeing the mini switch from optical camo to normal paint when their armor broke.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! The more I play Mercs the more I enjoy the game, it is quick and simple (the second game took 30 mins). I will be posting coverage of my 2 events played at Gencon when I return in a few weeks until then Mercs coverage out................

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