Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GenCon 2013: Roleplaying Games Galore

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! It has been a flurry of blogging lately covering my GenCon 2013 experiences and tonight we will look at some of the Roleplaying games that caught my attention enough for me to stop and play for a while. I have found a new passion for the Shadowrun 5th Edition Roleplaying game from Catalyst Game Labs and that is where I would like to start.

First off, I managed to get into the special GenCon-only 'Dante's Inferno' game of Shadowrun. This event was held in a custom round room with Shadowrun art on the inside and outside. The two GMs for the event were both in costume which really added to the atmosphere of the event!

Here I am standing on the outside of the 'Dante's Inferno' area with the outside artwork of downtown Seattle circa 2075:

A look at one of the GMs who happened to be the target that needed to be protected inside of Dante's Inferno:

I failed to grab any pictures of the inside of the area, I was too busy trying to keep the target alive! However the inside area was all done up to look like the inside of a swank/posh nightclub complete with Shadowrunners lurking in the shadows! It was something I will remember for sure! 

To continue the Shadowrun coverage, I snapped a shot of Jason Hardy (line developer for Shadowrun) being interviewed:

A look at the Shadowrun 'play-area' where there must have been 10-15 tables of Shadowrun being played (all part of Catalyst's Living Shadowrun Campaign):

I was hooked on Shadowrun at Origins 2013 and all it took was one game of Shadowrun for my friends to be hooked as well. My group of friends actually played more Shadowrun at GenCon than I did! Of course I spent my time elsewhere after ensuring they all got into games:

I am glad they found the game enjoyable, so much so they all went out and bought Shadowrun Rulebooks. Here is a look at a very expensive display case I found lurking in the convention halls (Some of those books are $200+ U.S.D.:

Taking a break from Shadowrun for a little bit let all of us (5 total) get in a game of Deathwatch in before we all went out for drinks! It had been a long day (the game was Friday night) already for me at this point and I was running late to get to the game but I made it only to find out that the GM for the game was THE WRITER of the entire Deathwatch line! What better GM could you ask for? Here we are all gathered to bring the Emperor's Wrath to the Xenos:

The last event that I will cover here is really a miniature event but we have so much fun roleplaying during it that I really think of it as a Roleplaying event. It is time for FORMULA WAAAAGH!!!!!!! Last year's event was our first but certainly not our last:
 It was a grand time with much Orkiness!!!! I don't believe that anyone actually made it around the track! The addition of the stream that ran through the course played havoc on the racers:

The Mad-Doctor van Oosten plotting our doom with his mighty gretchen wagon:

Doctor Peel trying to figure out how he can kill the Warboss 'on accident' while the GM looks over the rules:

Speaking of rules...they were the same as last year:

On Friday morning I managed to get into an event that most call a 'must see' at GenCon...........

The 'breakfast' was side-splitting funny with contestants being called up on stage to run through Tracy's Improv Style Adventure that played on their responses. Not the best description but it was very funny to watch! Here is a look at the action:

Well, that is all for tonight. Take care and stay tuned for tomorrow's coverage of the GenCon 2013 Cosplay experience! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

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