Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heresy Era Salamanders Legion Cataphractii Terminators WiP part 1

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! Time for a mid-week look at my current build process for Legio XVIII; this time I would like to present my version of Salamanders Cataphractii Terminators. Here are a bunch of shots of the build process so far.

The gathering of bits needed for the build:

 Resin components from a sculptor in Russia. These are not Forge World kits as will become evident later:

The Russian kits require the use of 'normal' Terminator legs and arms. In the Heresy-era there are rivets on most of the armor plates (especially the legs) so I wanted to make the modern legs look more Heresy-era; Mordian 7th to the rescue (yet again) with some rivets he brought over for me to try. Here are the rivets:

One set of legs with the rivet locations marked out:
 With a very small drill bit the holes were made for the rivets to slip into:

A group shot of the legs:
 Some close-up shots of the legs:

Time to mount the upper torsos:

Figuring out the weapon and shield arms; basically trying to find posses that I like:

The Salamanders Legio can take proto-storm shields in the Heresy-era so I wanted to make sure they had them! Since they are currently the only Legio that can have them this unit should be a center piece of my army:
 The proto-storm shields I used are a mixture of Spellcrow and Chapter House Studios bits:

Here are some close-up views of the various members (of the yet unnamed squad) starting with....
Squad Sergeant with Master Crafted Thunder Hammer:

 Not everyone has a thunder hammer, I want a dragon-looking power fist.......

 For when I want a heavy flamer in the unit I built a guy to swap out for the power fist guy:
 The heavy flamer say 'Inferno' on the side, I think that is appropriate:

This is were the squad sits at the moment. I still have to bend and attach the leather (resin) looking straps that hang from underneath the shoulder pads and somehow figure out how to make/convert some drake scale mantles for them. I also plan on making some fetish/trophy strings and little sections of Salamander Scales hanging from certain areas, still a bunch of work still to go. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Heresy Era Salamanders Praetor WiP

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! I had a little bit of time this weekend to sneak into the 'man-cave' slash 'hobby room'; I put the time to good use and would like to present to you my Heresy-era Salamanders Praetor.

How did I get to this point? Let's take a look at the build for Lord Protector M'tonga Chaga'st, 24th Line Company, Realm of Aethonion. I gathered the bits I wanted to use:

I used the Vulkan He'stan body from Games Workshop and the helmet, thunder hammer, and storm shield came from Chapter House Studios. The assembly was fairly straight forward and I was pleased to see that the body (which is made from GW's 'FailCast') was not filled with air bubbles and missing details. After the general assembly I set to fill any gaps and jazz it up some more. Here are some pictures from various angles showing the Lord Protector M'tonga Chaga'st waiting to be primered:

What do you all think? Is he Heresy-looking enough? Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Take care!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Heresy Salamanders: Second Tactical Squad built

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Tonight I would like to present for your viewing pleasure my second Heresy-era Salamanders 20 man Tactical Squad. I had a lot of fun with this squad and it seemed to go together better than the first squad. I did go a little over board with the greenstuff work on some of the guys but I had fun doing it. These guys feature custom Salamander Holsters, Drake mantles, Fetish ropes, etc. Well here are a couple of overall shots of the unit:

Here are a bunch of close-up looks at some of the various minis in the unit starting with.......

Sergeant Sim'baa:

Squad Nuncio Vox:

Several of the interesting looking Marines in the Squad:

 I really like this fellow!

That is it for Tactical Marines, next up on the build table is a unit of Legion Terminators with Thunder Hammers and proto-Storm Shields. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!