Saturday, October 12, 2013

Feast of Blades 2013 A quick look

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! I had the chance to go down to Denver with my good friend Mordian 7th to attend the annual 40k Grand Tournament called Feast of Blades. While Feast of Blades has a highly competitive side to it (with Invitational and Open Tournaments) both Mordian 7th and I went down to participate in the narrative Apocalypse game. I went along to help Mordian 7th move all of his guardsmen and more importantly help him remove the casualties that were inevitable when playing Imperial Guard in Apocalypse.

Before the game got going I had a chance to wander around a bit and snap some pictures. Here is the main hall of Feast of Blades:

A sample of the terrain used for the gaming tables:

A World Eaters Banner was placed near our Apocalypse gaming tables:

Mordian 7th begins the Imperial Guard deployment:

Mordian 7th and I were the only Loyalist players (there was a Blood Angel force but they were recalled back to Baal to deal with a family emergency) facing off against Tyranids, Chaos, and Angron and his Heresy World Eaters. We were massively outgunned and out pointed so the guy running the game let us use a scratch built Warlord Titan!

The Titan didn't really help at all. We were still massively outgunned with 'D' Weapons; still we both had fun! Let the game commence:
World Eater Drop Pod Assault turn 1:
 They are inside the Void Shields!
 Chaos was all over us in Turn 1 before we could do a thing, it was not looking good for the Guard:
 Tyranids burrowing up in front of the far Guard flank:
 While the Imperial Guard was trying to hold the line long enough for the Space Marines to show up there was a large surge of Green on the far flank. An awesome Ork Bastion drops in while the rest of the Ork army arrives:
 The Ork Bastion was stunning:
 The army was full of custom models that were very well done:
 One of my all time favorites! A stunning Ork Lifta-Droppa:

 Here is the Ork view of the battle unfolding:

 From the Chaos backfield looking at the desolation that was the Imperial Guard gun-line:

After several hours and the loss of just about every Imperial Guard model (some twice) Mordian 7th and I decided to call it and let some of the later arriving folks a chance to get stuck into the game. The Guard held (sort of) long enough for 20,000 points of Space Marines to show up and try and hold back the forces of Evil. All in all it was a lot of fun but I really prefer the more narrative non-Apocalypse games myself. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. WOW! I wonder if other people fared any better. Glad you had fun; hopefully Mordian 7th has recovered from the trouncing.

    1. It was a fun time for sure. Met some nice people. Ran into a friend I had not seen in 10+ years. Saw some beautiful models as well.

    2. Was that green Titan as big as the Chaos Hound? Trying to get an idea of size.

    3. The green Warlord titan was much taller than my Chaos Warhound. The titan used in the game stood about 2 1/2 feet tall.