Sunday, October 27, 2013

Heresy Era Salamanders Praetor WiP

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! I had a little bit of time this weekend to sneak into the 'man-cave' slash 'hobby room'; I put the time to good use and would like to present to you my Heresy-era Salamanders Praetor.

How did I get to this point? Let's take a look at the build for Lord Protector M'tonga Chaga'st, 24th Line Company, Realm of Aethonion. I gathered the bits I wanted to use:

I used the Vulkan He'stan body from Games Workshop and the helmet, thunder hammer, and storm shield came from Chapter House Studios. The assembly was fairly straight forward and I was pleased to see that the body (which is made from GW's 'FailCast') was not filled with air bubbles and missing details. After the general assembly I set to fill any gaps and jazz it up some more. Here are some pictures from various angles showing the Lord Protector M'tonga Chaga'st waiting to be primered:

What do you all think? Is he Heresy-looking enough? Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Take care!


  1. Looks good, banner is a nice touch.

  2. I really like the cape; it looks very scaly. I'll bet He paints up nicely.

    Amani M.

  3. Looking great! Consider the idea stolen =)

  4. Good stuff, man - the trimmed down haft on the hammer was a good call. The army is gonna look sharp!

  5. @ War Pig Thanks! I have cloth banners that I will be using on the characters. For once the banners are done before everything else.

    @Anonymous Thanks! The cape is really detailed and represents a named piece of wargear that he carries. I am hoping all the scales everywhere will make him look good when painted.

    @ Trev O'Hanlon Thanks! I found your Salamanders to be an inspiration! Good luck with the 'stolen idea'!

    @M7 Thanks! I tend to tinker with things from time to time and the hammer haft length was one of those things. This version works much better. I can't wait to see this army on the table!