Sunday, October 20, 2013

Heresy Salamanders: Second Tactical Squad built

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Tonight I would like to present for your viewing pleasure my second Heresy-era Salamanders 20 man Tactical Squad. I had a lot of fun with this squad and it seemed to go together better than the first squad. I did go a little over board with the greenstuff work on some of the guys but I had fun doing it. These guys feature custom Salamander Holsters, Drake mantles, Fetish ropes, etc. Well here are a couple of overall shots of the unit:

Here are a bunch of close-up looks at some of the various minis in the unit starting with.......

Sergeant Sim'baa:

Squad Nuncio Vox:

Several of the interesting looking Marines in the Squad:

 I really like this fellow!

That is it for Tactical Marines, next up on the build table is a unit of Legion Terminators with Thunder Hammers and proto-Storm Shields. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. Love the squad markings-very Salamander and 30k!

  2. NICE. Those really turned out looking fantastic man!

  3. They are looking really nice, it's so full of customization. Can't wait to see them painted

  4. @Veez Thanks! I wanted them to scream 30k!

    @Mordian7th Thanks! I am pleased with them.

    @Isifos Thanks! I didn't want them to look like 'normal' marines, they needed to look like Salamanders!

    @The GunGrave Thanks! I had fun!

  5. Caaan you feeeel the looove toniiiight...

    Awesome tacs man! Great detail and the Sargent looks ready to smite some hyenas!