Sunday, November 3, 2013

Heresy Era Salamanders: Legion Cataphractii Build Complete.....mostly

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! It has been a lovely past few days here in the Rocky Mountains and I have even managed to get some hobby time in. I set to finish the build on the Legion Cataphractii Terminators which only needed a few more hours of work. I finished the build (hanging 72 fiddly little shoulder straps) and then set to with the Greenstuff and sculpting tools. All the models need now is the hammer heads coming from across 'the pond' and they will be totally complete. Here is my first attempt at Heresy-era Salamander Terminators, starting off with..............

EDIT: The Minis are actually slightly taller with a spacer between their legs and upper torso. This was done after these pictures were taken. Look for the newer/taller Terminators in their next post when the hammers arrive. 

Sergeant Zuka Shangaan:

 His Master Crafted Thunder Hammer: Caldera's Wrath

Powerfist/ Storm Shield:

 Sculpted flames on an armor plate:

Heavy Flamer 'Inferno Bearer':

Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield #1:
 More sculpted flames:

Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield #2:

 Sculpted flames and drake scale armor plates:
 Closeup of his helmet and also showing the fiddly little shoulder straps:

Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield #3:

 Sculpted gorget and flames on the leg:

This is how the squad sits while they wait the arrival of their Thunder Hammer heads from a distant forge world. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Take care!


  1. Please take this constructively. I think the top half (wherever that is sourced from) is too big. It makes the model look a bit like a dwarf because it overshadows the legs. I think this could be easily fixed though by breaking the legs off of the torso and adding a spacer in between. It would make the model taller and better proportioned with the chest/head which are too big right now.

    1. First off, I couldn't agree with you more. I had the same thought when I attached the upper torsos but hoped that it would all work itself out in the build process. I saw your comment earlier and immediately went to see if I could rectify the problem which I was able to do with everyone except the sergeant. I do think it looks much better now!

      Second off, thank you for taking the time to offer constructive criticism. I know I hesitate at times to avoid confrontation and I thank you for stepping up and offering it. I might just rename the sergeant's first name Ambit even though he is the only one the didn't get taller. I have read of several short 'tank-like' Salamanders so that is what I am going with for why he is short and stout.

      Again thank you for the wonderful and constructive comment. I hope you will stop by for their next update showing their spaced out torsos/legs. Take care!

    2. I rewrote my comment twice worried that it might offend. Glad you could improve on your design. I'm sure they look more 'powerful' now than squat.