Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heresy-era Salamanders: Tactical Support Squad with Meltaguns and Transport WiP

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! While I am still waiting delivery of the thunder hammer heads from England I wanted to press on with the Heresy-era Salamanders build process. Since the Salamanders have access to 'master-crafted' meltaguns I wanted to deffinately include a small Tactical Support Squad armed with some nasty looking meltaguns.

Here is Support Squad N'baka nicknamed the 'talons' because of the wicked drake's talon squad marking they all carrying on their left leg (kind of like a Velociraptor's leg talon):

A closer look at Sergeant N'baka armed with a combi-melta and chainsword:
 Bionic Arm because the Salamanders are master artisans and he would have a bionic replacement if he needed one:

 Lots of greenstuff work:
 Modified Sanguinary Guard helmet that I think fits right in with my entire army in Mk IV armor:

Here are some shots of the other four members of the squad all of which are armed with master-crafted meltaguns from Spellcrow miniatures:

I enjoyed using the Spellcrow meltaguns although they are a little bulky on a couple of the sculpts; I had to do some trimming in select areas to get them to line up with the right hands of the marines. I do think they represent 'master-crafted' meltaguns very well.

Now I cannot have these guys running around on foot unprotected (there are not that many of them) so I figured they could ride around in a Rhino troop transport. I was gifted an abbandoned heresy-era Rhino project and I think this will be perfect. Here is their transport fresh out of the stripping bath:

The Rhino still needs a fair amount of work before it is ready and besides it doesn't look like a Salamander vehicle yet! I plan on adding drake scales to various areas and I must do something with those big round doors! I also have some curved dragon heads that I will be using in place of the missing exhaust tops. I have heresy-era looking tracks on their way but I am not sure I will be able to replace this particular tanks tracks with the heresy-era looking tracks.


  1. Do the Salamanders have a "thing" (like the blood drops)/ Those doors are big and you could get crazy with the greenstuff! Those guns look really big.


  2. These look even better in person - really looking forward to seeing 'em painted!