Friday, July 19, 2013

Heresy-era Salamanders: A force gathers

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Not much of an update this Friday evening other than some initial pictures of my start on a Heresy-era Salamanders army. I have loved the Sons of Vulcan after reading the awesome Salamander books from Nick Kyme and a while ago I committed to doing a Legio XVIII force. I do not have a huge hobby budget so I need to gather this up over the course of many months/years. With Gen Con coming up shortly and Forge World being there in force I have an opportunity to purchase some more Heresy-era miniatures without having to pay for shipping or waiting weeks for it to arrive across 'the pond'. To prevent extraneous purchases and to see exactly what I have at this point I spent some time laying everything out and making notes about the Legio XVIII Salamanders force at this stage. You will note that I am a firm believer in purchasing from Forge World and not from counterfeiters; I believe you should reward the artists for such awesome work that way they will continue to produce such fine work.

Here are some shots of the bags laid out while I was organizing them into squads:

The 'Motor Pool' minus the Shadowsword box:

The Force Break Down:

Vulcan (resin mini from the Ukraine)
Recon Squad
20 man Tactical Squad
20 man Tactical Squad
5 man Jetbike Squad (with Blood and Skulls Industry Jetbikes)
Contemptor Dred
5 man Terminator Squad (resin sculpts from Russia)---just torsos, heads, and shoulders
1 Terminator Character  (resin sculpts from Russia)---just torso, head, and shoulders
3 Sabre Tank Hunters (resin kits from Plastik Krak)---need to work out a Laser Destroyer array for command tank
1 Falchion Super Heavy Tank Destroyer
1 Drop Pod (with resin doors)
2 Heresy-era Rhinos (one built, 2 different designs/styles)
1 Heresy-era Predator (resin kit, Infernous-Pattern)
1 Dactyl Interceptor (just a start on a Storm Talon conversion)
1 Olympia Storm Tank (resin kit from Plastik Krak)

Misc Heresy-era Stuff:
40 Bolters
1 Command Squad Upgrade pack
2 Dozer Blades (interesting alternate look)
Complete set of Heresy-style Land Raider-sized Tracks (must do something with these!)
40 Cloth Banners (awesome stuff!)
25 Drake Scale Mantles (for the heroes)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. This is and will be a long labor of love. I plan on pushing myself with this army doing a lot of custom conversions and some sculpting of bits and pieces. Comments are welcome after seeing the start to my madness. They say every journey has a start hopefully this will be a great journey. Take care!

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  1. Labour of love indeed! I'm hoping for peeks into your POPs :-)