Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blood Angels versus Eldar---4th of July game

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! My good buddy Mordian 7th and I had our annual 4th of July game of 40k today (delayed due to some personal stuff going on yesterday) and it was quite fun indeed! We started off going to a local 'greasy-spoon' diner named the Village Coffee Shop for some breakfast!

2000 points don't go very far:

Baal Predator MkI pushing the Blood Angel advance up their right flank: 

Eldar setup (Dire Avengers, Farseer with Wraithblades, and something large lurking behind the building!):

Blood Angels defending their backfield: 

Dreaded Brightlance armed Waveserpent which put the punishment on the Land Raider:

The Eldar tried a wide flanking move which I ignored for the first few turns:

The Wraithknight finally makes an appearance: 

The Eldar jump all over the Blood Angels:

Baal MkI still kicking butt in the Eldar backfield! It wiped out the Dire Avengers Unit and 1/2 of the Farseer's unit of Wraithblades and only lost a single hull point the entire game!

Wraithknight thinks he can crush the Baal MkI (failed the charge distance) as a Baal Mk3 rolls along the rear of the Eldar Line having just outflanked and about to wipe out an Eldar Guardian Squad (and Brightlance platform):

My poor Land Raider was a target all day long and it barely survived the game with a single hull point left. Here the Terminators charge the Falcon and crush it in their fists which meant the Falcon's passengers all bailed out:

However it carried Fire Dragons! This could hurt!

And it did, I lost 2 Terminators and failed the morale check. Being so close to my deployment zone really hurt me as the 3 surviving terminators strolled off to grab a pint of blood to refresh themselves.

I decided to crush the Eldar flank attack with a combo of deep striking assault marines (against the Striking Scorpions) and the Librarian and Bodyguard against the Eldar Corsairs.

The Melee continues. The Striking Scorpions could be nasty if fielded in 10 man units but these were not, so it was just a matter of time before the Xenos were crushed:

The center of the Blood Angel line looks to be in danger as the Land Raider moves AWAY from the Fire Dragons and their fusion weapons! However the Tactical Squad in the ruins rushed over to deal with them.

The last Dire Avenger is gunned down by the hidden from view Baal MkI (which is still around!). The game was kill points not objective based so I needed to kill him.

The Tactical Squad lays the smack down on the Fire Dragons killing all but the Exarch: 

The BA Librarian has a psychic battle with an Eldar Warlock which the Warlock was unprepared for. One of my favorite spells goes off boiling the Xenos blood in their bodies killing 4 or 5 of them before the Assault Terminators storm in to mop up the remains:

The resulting massacre of the Eldar with the Warlock trying to flee for his life:

The Blood Angel jump squad look to mop up any remaining Fire Dragons after having dealt with the Striking Scorpions. The Priest in the unit was a life-saver!

The Scouts which had terrified the Wraithknight all game (wound on 4+ no matter toughness) are finally charged by the Wraithknight (who had finally given up on hurting the Baal MkI).

The game ends with the Eldar having a wounded Wriathknight, a Farseer, and a Waveserpent left.

Somehow the Blood Angel Land Raider survived all of the punishment that was thrown at it all game; never lost a weapon just got glanced (almost to death).

The flank is secured! 

All in all it was a fun game and good times spent with my best friend! I could see the Eldar having some definite possibilities. Having played the Eldar years and years ago it was nice to see them getting such a big update. There were several times during the game I thought I was 'on the ropes' and it would have taken a nudge to send me 'down for the count'. I hope that you have enjoyed looking at our little annual 4th of July game of Warhammer 40k. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. That looks like fun! I have been reading some warhammer stuff, and this feels like one of those books; very cool. I would love to find a game like this to watch. Maybe there's someone in my neck of the woods who wouldn't mind me taking a peek. As always, it was fun to look :)

    1. It was a fun time for sure! Mordian 7th likes to fight in a city (it is a running joke between us) all the time and most 40k novels feature city battles of some kind. I am sure you can find a game to watch at some point. The games usually take a few hours (2-4)depending on the points value of the game. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!