Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WiP: Heresy-era Salamanders Flamer Tactical Support Squad

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!!! Just a brief update on my Heresy-era Salamanders, I managed to get some build time in on a Tactical Support Squad armed with Flamers. I am still working on some green stuff in areas among other things on the minis but I thought I would share the WiP shots so far.

Basic assembly of the Mk IV armor for the 10-man squad:

Basic assembly of the Sergeant. I used a Spell Crow Miniatures torso:

Legio XVIII (Salamanders) are known as all being master artisans when it comes to their equipment and they often customize their own weapons. I decided to use some various different styles of flamer and also add a little customization to the flamers as well. Here is a look at the gathering of bits and brainstorming process:

Here are 5 of the flamers after customization:

Here are a couple of looks at the current state of the squad. Still working on fetish ropes and blending the scales in a bit more.

The (as yet unnamed) Sergeant which still needs a bit more work. I am trying to figure out a nice crest for his helmet.

The thought of these 10-guys rolling around with their flamers (which are higher strength than all the other legions) really appeals to me. I don't think this unit will get charged in an assault what with them all having nasty overwatch weapons, of course there are only 10 guys so they will get shot off the table fairly easily.

Thanks for coming by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. looks good. How do you blend greenstuff in? is it still a little malleable when it's dry?

  2. @ Anonymous Thank you. The greenstuff is hard when dry but can be sanded, filed, or cut very easily.

    @ meadows boy Thank you very much