Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unboxing and preparing the Texico faction from Mercs Minis

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! The weather has been brutally hot lately which means the man-cave/hobby room has been a little unbearable. I did manage to get a little time to unbox a recent purchase (Origins 2013 loot) and get a little work done on them.

 Here for your viewing pleasure is my Mercs Minis Texico boxset:

The boxset front:

The boxset back:

Pulling out the boxset contents:

The inside of the boxset showing the nice way the miniatures are packaged with their dice:

 Here is an initial look at the seven Texico miniatures that come in the set:

 Starting with the awesome Marshal:

 My second favorite miniature, the Demolition Man (reloading his shotgun):

The Sniper:

The Heavy Support:

The Jaguar Assault:

The Assault Team Leader (he is the leader not the Marshal):

 Team Leader's Dog (I am not a fan of this miniature, I think it is a little small and not teched-out enough):

 I was able to clean up the miniatures (remove the flash and knock down the mold-lines) and get them based up:

I tried to primer them one night after work but I think it was still a little too hot as the primer seemed to come out a little 'flaky/fuzzy' on some of the miniatures. I plan on rubbing the miniatures down a little bit to get rid of any fuzzy primer areas. Here are some closer looks at the minis once they were primered:

Demo Man (I love this mini!):

Jaguar Assault Member (he should be pointing with one hand "I will knock your head over there"):

Heavy Support Member:
 The model is supposed to have a Machete but did not come with one so I added one to the base:

Team Sniper (and his annoying mold-lines...grrrrr):

The awesome Marshal:

Team Leader and his new and improved Dog:

I exchanged the Dog miniature that came with the set for one I had in my collection which I liked better:
Yes the Dog brought back a hand for his Master! Bonus gamer points if you know where this mini is from.

I am really looking forward to getting some paint time in on these miniatures! There are several miniatures in this particular set that I really love and cannot wait to paint (Demo Man and Marshal for sure)! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. I dig those. Looking forward to seeing 'em painted up!

    1. I am really looking forward to painting them! Hopefully I will get a fair amount of painting time in this weekend. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!