Sunday, June 23, 2013

Origins 2013 Loot and a Word about Shadowrun RPG

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! Finally getting back into the swing of things from my recent trip to the Origins Game Fair and I finally found a little bit of time to spend on some hobby stuff. I managed to gather up all of the stuff I purchased while at the convention (which was a little hard to do with a certain item).

First off I managed to swing by the Forgeworld booth and pick up a few items for my upcoming Heresy-era Salamanders army.

The Event-only miniature:

10-man Squad of Mk IV armor (not the new legion style which I have a bunch of already):

5-man Squad of Mk IV Recon Marines:

Close-ups of the awesome looking 'Scout' Marines in full Mk IV armor:

After Forgeworld I wandered the dealers hall a bit and stumbled on the booth for one of my favorite independent miniature companies.....Mercs Minis:

 I got a 'show-special price on the box set I have been wanting for quite a while!


Most of my time was spent playing the brand new 5th edition of Shadowrun RPG at Origins. The company behind the Shadowrun game is called Catalyst Game Labs and they went all out with their 'living campaign' of Shadowrun. This was my first experience with Catalyst and Shadowrun and was quite simply blown away by the professional approach of the company and the awesome fun that is Shadowrun RPG. Here are some pictures of the game area where we played the RPG:

 The tables we played on!
 Huge artwork everywhere!

I had so much fun with my 28 hrs of Shadowrun RPG (7 games at 4 hours each) that I knew my home group would also enjoy the system and setting; that of course meant I had an excuse to go a little wild with at the Catalyst booth in the dealer's hall:

Signed by the author (and awesome guy):
 Special Shadowrun marked dice:

The one item I have not had a lot of time with because all my friends wanted to look at it! Yes indeed I snagged one of the extremely popular (and quickly sold-out) 5th Edition rulebooks:

Signed by the Shadowrun Line Developer and really nice guy:

If you are a fan of 'Cyber-Punk/Near Future Sci-Fi roleplaying I would highly recommend giving Shadowrun 5th Edition a try! Almost forgot about the special Origins dice I also picked up:

That is all for now folks! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Now back to the hobby desk as I prepare the Mercs Texico minis for painting!

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