Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Origins 2013---A Recap of my Miniature Experiences

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Well I am finally back from Columbus, Ohio and the Origins Game Fair where I met up with a bunch of friends who happen to be scattered all over the States. Good times was had by all and I even got to help a good friend propose to his now-fiance! I did manage to snap some pictures while I was there:

First off, especially for Mordian 7th who I know is eagerly awaiting the arrival of OGRE!

The above picture (taken with my phone) is of the special charity game of Ogre with Steve Jackson himself.

 That box is huge!

For me Origins is spent wandering around the various halls and playing roleplaying games with friends. Here are a few random tables that caught my eye during my wanders:

A version of X-Wing played with Star Trek ships instead and played on the floor!

 Note the chair in the picture below, it should give you a sense of scale:

I am not sure what game this was for but it was very cool looking!
 Look at all those rope ladders!

There was a huge game of X-Wing being played across several large tables. The game looked to be the Rebel assault into the Second Death Star. There were a ton of people around this game but I tried to sneak some pictures.


 There was a neat looking game of BattleTech being played as well:

There was a massive Flames of War landing assault game that needed 4 very long tables to play it all out. It was quite impressive!

The very popular BattleTech Virtual Reality Pods! I so want to try these some day with a group of friends!

For my better-half! A huge Settlers of Catan game played on the floor:

An awesome looking table full of gorgeous 15mm American Civil War miniatures and terrain.

That was a look at the miniature side of Origins 2013. I will talk about my roleplaying experiences and my purchases/loot in the next post. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look through all these pictures. Take care!


  1. Nice! I didn't realize the scale of the star trek game, that looks like it was something to behold!

    1. It was large and impressive! The ships were 8-14" long and the dice were the size of a large grapefruit.