Sunday, March 17, 2013

PiP: Various Blood Angel Special Characters

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! It has been a wonderfully warm weekend with a bunch of stuff happening! I managed to get in a couple of games of Ogre Miniatures on Saturday which was quite fun and a little bit of hobby-time on the painting desk on Sunday. I am still working on the last of the Blood Angel special characters which are the last of my normal Blood Angels army; I still have a bunch of Death Company but that will be a later project, I need to step away from the Sons of Sanguinius for a bit. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pictures of the painting process so far:

The Four Lords of War:

Here are some close-up views:

Brother Corbulo:

Close-up of the face:

Mephiston, Lord of Death:

Close-up of the face:

Captain Tycho:
Done in metallic gold.

Close-up of the face:

Lord Commander Dante:
 Done in metallic gold:

Close-up on Dante:

"I am going to hit you with my axe!"

 Nightlord coming along:

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! These are still very much paint-in-process and I would love to hear your thoughts. Take care!

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