Sunday, March 3, 2013

PiP: Blood Angel Jump Chaplain Corbalin

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! I had a little bit of time this weekend to work on the Blood Angel Headquarter choices, this time it was my jump Chaplain named Corbalin. I am a huge fan of the Chaplains in 40k both fluff-wise and in the actual games. I do struggle with painting and highlighting Black armor so here are my attempts:

First attempt at highlighting black:

I was not happy with this attempt, it was to subtle for my taste. I personally am not a huge fan of hard edge highlighting (especially on black) but I thought this attempt needed a little something more.

Black highlighting attempt 2 (before black glaze step):

At this point I was fairly happy with the highlighting now to knock the blue down a bit, time to make up a nice black ink glaze. Here is Chaplain Corbalin all 'blacked out':

I was happy with the black armor at this point but you can never really tell until you put some other colors around to help set off the large areas of base armor color. I really wanted to see what he would look like with some additional colors on him:

Not much left to do on this guy and I am happy with how he is turning out so far. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Comments are always welcome! Take care!

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