Sunday, September 25, 2011

Damocles Command Rhino-Initial Build/Interior Paint

Well I managed to get some more Hobby time in this weekend and I decided to work on something I have had sitting around for years: a Blood Angels Damocles Command Rhino. This is a nice little kit available from Forgeworld which I have always wanted to build and paint. The detailed interior is just awesome and I knew I wanted to make it as visible as possible. This was a build that needed to be done in steps:

Step 1: Painting the Interior. After making sure the resin pieces were all nice and clean I went ahead and assembled the interior pieces of the Damocles kit. A quick primer and a brief wait; I was ready to lay paint to a brush. Here are a couple of shots of the interior all painted up.

I had to remember that most of this will be in 'shadows' as it will be all contained by the outside sections of the hull. I wanted to paint it nice and vivid so it would show up at all. While the sealant was drying I knocked out the 2 command marines. Here are a couple of shots of the marines before they 'take their seats' at the console.

Once all the various pieces of the interior were painted and sealed I went ahead and assembled the completed interior. It gets a little cramped in the Damocles!

With the interior completed I set about to finish up the rest of the build. I have one little complaint with the Damocles kit, the Top Hatch Assembly didn't really line up well with the top area of the Rhino. I plan on leaving it loose so it can be removed to see into the interior easier so it was not a huge deal. I had some Blood Angel doors that I thought would be a nice touch. The rest of the exterior build is fairly straight forward. Here are a few shots of the completed build of the Damocles:

Well there is my Blood Angels 4th Company Damocles Command Rhino ready for primer and paint. My plan is to assemble the various vehicles I will need for the game in March and primer and paint them all together. This will help me maintain a consistent paint job across the vehicles I hope.

Take care, thanks for looking, and comments are always welcome!

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