Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blood Angel Rhino with blood drop top

Well it was a busy weekend but I did manage to get some hobby time in. I needed to repair one of my Baal Predators which I managed to do with the help of some small magnets. That left me some time to work on a basic Rhino for my Tactical Squad. The Rhino assembly went smoothly and when it was done I felt it needed a little something more especially on the top. I added some Forgeworld Blood Angel doors but still felt it needed something more. After all, I see the Blood Angels as Gaudy Gothic.

I know that I have a Death Company Rhino coming up and for that I want to include a plasticard "x" on the top so I thought I would practice the technique a bit on the current Rhino build. While an "x" would not work I thought I would try and make a 'blood drop' that covers the top hatch a bit. For a freehand attempt at a large blood drop I think it turned out rather well. I even managed to line up the hatch lines so it looks like the top hatch still opens.

Here are a couple of pictures of the completed build:

Here is a close up view of the top hatch:

While I was at it I thought I should go ahead and include a Razorback option for it just in case:

That should be all of the 'rhino-based' vehicles that I need to assemble for my adventure in England. Next up on the build desk will be a Furioso Dred and then swarms of assault marines. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome!

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