Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Having Fun With A Simple Press Mold

I really wanted to 'bling-up' the Mk 1 Predator I recently put together and I felt that the curved sponsons really called out for a winged blood drop to set them off just right. In the past I have attempted various press mold techniques and was never really happy with the results. After noticing this at my FLGS I decided to give it a try:

About the same time I decided to purchase the Insta Mold I ran across a really good tutorial at Chest of Colors that sealed the deal to give this stuff a try. So after reading the brief instructions on the package and going through the tutorial I came up with this:

Apparently you can combine several of the pieces together to achieve a larger 'Mold' surface, I have yet to try this but I will be shortly (I have just the project in mind). The Master Mold sets up quickly, a mere matter of minutes it seemed. After I was sure the Master Mold was nice and firm I whipped up some greenstuff and pressed it firmly and carefully into the Master Mold:

The side sponsons on the Mk 1 Predator are very rounded so I knew that I wanted to curve the greenstuff duplicates. To achieve this I waited a couple of minutes to allow the greenstuff to firm up just a bit and while the greenstuff was still slightly malleable I took a wooden roller and rolled it along the length of the Master Mold. This rolled the the greenstuff duplicates cleanly out of the Master Mold and allowed the greenstuff duplicates to 'pick up' the curvature of the wooden roller. I then put the whole set up aside overnight to dry:

Once the greenstuff duplicates were completely dry I peeled them off the wooden roller and removed the excess greenstuff. I also removed a bit of the extra greenstuff from the back of the piece and then it was a simple matter of gluing them in place. The wooden roller created a near perfect curvature to the back of the greenstuff duplicate. Here are a couple of shots of the winged blood drop installed:

Here is a shot from the top down which shows a bit of the curvature that was achieved:

Some of my thoughts on the Insta Mold product:
1) The stuff is simple to use
2) The stuff is slippery and pressing the greenstuff into the Master Mold can be tricky
3) The slipperiness can be used to your advantage if you are careful

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome!

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