Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mercs Minis- CCC faction 'the Yellow Jackets': PiP

Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Spring has finally come to us in Colorado which of course means Spring Snows, this weekend however was nice enough to get some projects done around the house and spend some time in the hobby room. Several of my friends (including myself) are giving the game Mercs a try so I have been working on my faction/team which are the CCC faction nicknamed 'the Yellow Jackets ' because of their black and yellow armor. Yellow is not a color I enjoy painting at all and there was an incident early on in my attempt with the CCC which ended up so bad the minis had to go into a Simple Green bath to strip off the ruined paint attempt. After a few hours I was able to strip them back to metal and start over with a lesson learned! Here are some photos of the second attempt at yellow and black armor:

Starting off with a couple of thins layers of Parasite Brown:

After 2 'glazed' layers of Deep Yellow:

After a final highlight layer of Bad Moon Yellow:

I am pleased with how the second attempt at yellow turned out however the minis look a little weird at this point without the black jumpsuit showing through from underneath. I needed to continue on with the rest of the painting of the surrounding details to see if the yellow armor actually turned out OK. Here are the CCC 'Bumblebees' as they sit on the painting table:

Team Leader:

Demolition Man:

Heavy Weapons:

Team Medic (with alternate head):


Heavy Flamer:


There is still quite a bit still left to paint but I am totally enjoying painting something new and besides there are only 7 minis to paint not 100's! Those with sharp eyes might notice some Malifaux minis in the background of the painting station, guess what is next up after the CCC minis are done. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!


  1. I can see why yellow would be hard to get a desired effect. Does building layers like that give more depth to the paintjob as opposed to painting 2-3 layers of the same color?

    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yellow is hard to paint because it is very translucent and doesn't want to cover anything without looking streaky. I wanted to try a new method of painting the yellow; which I still need more practice I think. Thanks for stopping by.