Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painted: Blood Angels Tactical and Devastator Squads

Greetings once again InterWebs!!! I would like to present to you my completed Blood Angel 4th Company Tactical Squad and Devastator Squad. These are the last of the non-Death Company Blood Angel Infantry, leaving just a selection of Heroes (Head Quarter choices) left to paint before I step away from the Blood Angels for a while. Knowing these were last squads I found myself rushing during the paint process and every time I noticed I stepped away from the paint desk for a while; I did not want to rush and ruin the last few squads. Well, here is Tactical Squad deMotto:

Sergeant deMotto is an older Blood Angel miniature (3rd or 4th edition I think) and I just had to use him with this project. He is a little gaudy with his blood drop earring but I think he looks OK in the end.

This squad was built using old out of print metal Death Company miniatures with some minor modifications. Both of my Tactical Squads are made this way; if you would like to see how I did this you can look here. The only miniatures in the squad not made from the old metal miniatures are Sergeant deMotto and the Multi-Melta trooper.

I really like how this miniature turned out, very dynamic I think.

When it comes time to use a Devastator Squad I find my use tending to either anti-horde or anti-tank so I made both options for the squad allowing me to swap miniatures out as needed. I went with Heavy Bolters for the anti-horde and Lascannons for anti-tank. I generally do not mix and match heavy weapons tending to use 4 of the same type of weapon (either Hvy Bolters x4 or Lascannons x4); my outlook is 'if you are going to shoot at something, make sure it is dead'! Well, here is the as yet unnamed Devastator Squad:

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by and taking a look! I am headed back to the work desk to finish up a custom base for one of the Heroes I mentioned earlier.


  1. Awesome stuff, man! I especially like the added 3d winged blood drop you added to the sergeant shoulder pads. they definitely look good.