Sunday, November 11, 2012

Battle Report---Blood Angels versus Imperial Guard again

Greetings once again InterWebs! I had the pleasure to get a brief (more on that later) game in against my good friend Mordian7th on Saturday. Since Mordian7th plans on going to Adepticon 2013 we decided to play a game that would be similar to what he would face while there. The game was to be tournament style terrain and 1850pts. Other than that we agreed that we would focus on ensuring we were playing the new rules correctly and not just assuming it was the way we remember it (after 6 editions of the rules it gets a little fuzzy at times).

Here are the glorious forces of the Blood Angel's 4th Company 'Knights of Baal':

I play 'Descent of Angels' style Blood Angels and while it is not considered a 'tournament-strong' style I really enjoy it! The Army List breaks down like this:

Headquaters---Librarian with epistolary upgrade and jump pack (Blood Lance and Shield of Sanguinius)
Troop---10 man Assault Squad with a meltagun and jump packs
Troop---10 man Assault Squad with a meltagun and jump packs
Troop---10 man Assault Squad with a meltagun and jump packs
Troop---10 man Assault Squad with a meltagun and jump packs
Elite---Furioso Dred with Heavy Flamer upgrade
Elite---2 Sanguinary Priests with jump packs
Fast Attack--- Baal Predator with Heavy Bolter sponsons and storm bolter
heavy Support---Storm Raven Gunship with twin-linked Lascannons and twin-linked Multi-Meltas
Heavy Support---Whirlwind
Heavy Support---Vindicator

Total: 1850pts

The Imperial Guard of the Mordian 7th regiment consisted of something along the lines of 60+ guard. I am not entirely sure of the make up but I believe he has the list posted here. I did take a couple of shots of the army waiting in his pre-deployment area:

The battlefield was once again the outskirts of Moonopolis on the planet Flotis III (the standard battleground for fights at Mordian's house). We attempted to follow the terrain setups that will be seen at Adepticon, which meant a single piece of terrain per 2'x2' area of the table, meaning 6 total pieces of terrain. The table looked something like this:

It was then time to determine the mission which ended up being 'The Scouring'. The battlefield was determined to be 'Vanguard Strike' hence the weird diagonal setup. There were 6 total objective markers in the game which were worth a random Victory Point amount; they ended up being worth 1-4pts, 2-3pts, 2-2pts, 1-1pt. In addition the objective markers were 'mysterious' according to 'the Scouring' mission rules; this would come back to haunt the Imperial Guard....

Warlord traits were rolled randomly giving the Guard the -1 to opponent reserve rolls (go figure! Ha!) and the Blood Angel Librarian became scoring. I determined the status of the 'Red Thirst' for the army which ended up being 2 of the 4 Assault Squads suffering from the 'Red Thirst'.

The Guard won the roll to determine who went first and setup first followed by the Blood Angels who then failed to seize the initiative. Initial deployment looked like this:

TURN 1: Imperial Guard
The Guard move into secure their objective in the Mysterious Forest which ended up sabotaged in a brain leaf forest, all in all not a good place for guardsmen to hang out.

And then they quickly moved back out!

The Guard in general did a fair amount of advancing during the first turn, it might have been due to the 'Night Fighting' special rule which was in place during the first turn. The Command Squad of Elvin Elroo (Elvis as I like to call him) moved into the ruins to uncover the mysterious objective only to find that it was sabotaged as well!

The Guard unload during the shooting phase with everything and anything they can including a Psyker Battle Squad. Due to the shrouding from 'Night Fighting' and a 'Scatter Field' objective marker the Blood Angels come through without a scratch.

TURN 1: Blood Angels
The Blood Angels needed to close with the Guard so there was a mass advance including the Vindicator moving through the other Mysterious Forest (which was a razorwing nest).

During the shooting phase the Vindicator unloads on the Leman Russ Executioner--penetrating--Executioner covered saved out of it. The Baal Predator unloads into the side of the advancing Chimera, scoring 1 glance & 2 penetrating hits which immobilized the Chimera. The Whirlwind launches an rocket into the ruins containing the enemy command squad but due to the darkness (that is what the crew claims at least) the rocket screams way off target.

TURN 2: Imperial Guard
(Still waiting on 'First Blood')

The Guard Rough Riders show up from reserve via 'outflank'. The Guard Veteran Squad in the immobilized Chimera bail out. The Command Squad of 'Elvis' moves into the Ruins AWAY from the sabotaged objective marker. 'Elvis' starts his orders but fails due to horrible dice rolls and horrible Guard Leadership.

The Psyker Battle Squad unleashes again with 'Soul Storm' on the advancing Blood Angel Assault Squad but causing no wounds. The Leman Russ Vanquisher shoots and penetrates the Vindicator but only rattles the crew a bit (#2 on the damage chart). The Hydras depress and attempt to wipe the Assault Squad out but fail to wound. Finally the Leman Russ Executioner rolls forward and engulfs the the Assault Squad in 'Plasma Death'---killing 2 Marines. Finally 'First Blood' is scored!

In the Assault Phase the Rough Riders fail to charge into the side of the Vindicator, they rolled a '3' for charge distance. One of the interesting and somewhat polarizing things that have changed in 6th Edition is the inclusion of 'Variable Charge Distances'. This is a chase were it really hurt the Imperial Guard.

TURN 2: Blood Angels
(The snow rolls in)

Due to the Imperial Guard Warlord 'Elvis' causing the Blood Angels reserves to be adjusted only the Storm Raven Gunship (with a combat squad of assault marines, a sanguinary priest, and a furioso dred) and a 'Deep Striking' Assault Squad showed up.

The Vindicator attempted to 'Tank Shock' the Rough Riders but failed to cause any harm:

The Whirlwind fails to do any damage to the far Guard Squad in the Forest. The Baal Predator rolled forward and deals with the Rough Riders---killing 9, but they pass their morale test and don't flee. The newly arrived Assault Squad clears the landing zone by shooting up the Guard Squad near them---killing 4, which they then failed their morale test and ran off the table.

In the assault phase the combat squad charges the Leman Russ Executioner---blowing it up with their Krak Grenades (2 glancing + 1 penetrating hits).

The reduced Assault Squad (suffering from the Red Thirst) charges into the ruins after the Guard Command Squad. Their 'Hammer of Wrath' attacks deal with 3 guardsmen right up front; the sergeant challenges (and wounds) 'Elvis' who was unable to follow up with a wound on the sergeant. During this epic struggle the Guard Medic failed 3 out of 4 (only one he passed was his own) 'Feel No Pain' tests. The Guard Command Squad was cut down, forcing 'Elvis' to have to take a Morale Test which he failed. Poor 'Elvis' had no where to run and was cut down by the thirsty Blood Angels.


At this point we both agreed to take a small break, make some lunch, and check on the weather. In typical Colorado fashion in was in the 70's one day and the next we got snow. Well the snow really started to come down and knowing there was a fair drive involved we both agreed to call the game at this point. It was a grand time as always playing Mordian 7th and I look forward to our next game. I will leave you with some final pictures of the end of the game:

The Guard Squad afraid to enter the 'Brain Leaf' Forest with the exploding sabotaged objective marker:

Thanks for stopping by and looking! Take care!


  1. CO weather; gotta love it!
    As always, thanks for sharing, maybe next time the weather will cooperate. Looks like it was a good battle.


    1. It was fun! The weather caused the room lighting to be a little dark but I think the pictures turned out ok. Thanks for stopping and looking!

  2. Definitely a fun game. I was bummed that we called it but it turned out to be the right call, it ended up dumping sleet up here and it got really icy for a while.

    I appreciated the tactical advice, the next version of the list should hopefully play more to the guard's inherent strengths, rather than trying to shoehorn them into things at which they don't excel.

    We'll have to have another go in a few weeks once we get thanksgiving behind us...

    1. Indeed it was a good time! You have the makings of a decent guard force, just need some fine tinkering and practice. Thanks for the fun times!