Sunday, September 9, 2012

The final WIP for the Blood Angel Infantry

Greetings once again to you all out there on the Interwebs! It has been a busy late summer here in Colorado with the weather finally cooperating with my hobby needs. I have been working on the last Blood Angel Tactical Squad made from my collection of OOP Metal Death Company miniatures. I have another Tactical Squad (Squad Pellario) made from a mix of OOP Metal Death Company miniatures and the current plastic generic Space Marines so I wanted to try and make a squad made up mostly by the old miniatures. I love bringing some of the old OOP miniatures back to life in my current army. I followed the same procedure outlined in the Repurposing OOP Death Company Minis post I made earlier. The fact that the OOP Death Company miniatures were not loaded down with icons really helps turn them into basic Blood Angels with a little extra bling to them.

An overview of the squad showing only the Heavy Weapon Trooper is plastic!

Remember this guy? I believe he is from Second Edition. I think he makes a decent sergeant for the as let unnamed squad (I am open to suggestions).

A somewhat blurry shot after assembly and primer. This was the last squad of 'normal' Blood Angels I had to build and primer.

Here are a few looks at the last of the normal Blood Angel Infantry (except the Terminators) finally all together awaiting the batch painting process.

Devastator Squad (with Lascannon x4 or Heavy Bolter x4 options), Scout Squad (with Heavy Bolter), and 3 Veteran Sergeants (2 Jump and 1 Tactical).

Jump Chaplain, 2 Librarians (one of which is a Death Watch Librarian), a Furioso, Brother Corbulo, etc.

 After finishing up the Tactical Squad I pushed on with the assembly of my 3 Squads of Blood Angel Terminators. I managed to get a hold of a set of the limited edition Space Hulk Terminators which are gorgeous examples of Blood Angel Terminators. I want to ensure that these models and the other Terminators (with Forgeworld improvements) have a really nice, custom 'Space Hulk-themed' base to stand on while smiting the enemies of Him on Earth. Here is a quick tease look at the workbench and the start of the custom basing project (which will be my next post!).

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my little corner of the Interwebs!