Monday, January 23, 2012

Sanguinary Jump Priests and Jump Veterans

Hello again! The painting continues for the trip to England and the Tempus Fugitives Hammer of the Gods Campaign Weekend at Maelstrom Games. I hope to get in a quick game at Warhammer World, how cool would that be! Joining me on this 40K pilgrimage across the pond is my good buddy Mordian 7th and his Thousand Sons army which is looking quite nice.

This time around I would like to present to you for your viewing pleasure: 2 Sanguinary Jump Priests and a bunch of Jump Veterans. After taking such a long break from the hobby (3 years without painting) it is very nice to get back into the groove again; I can feel my muscles remembering how to hold the paint brush again! Enough about that, on to why you are here!

I have a bunch of the Blood Angel Sanguinary Priest models (4-5 of the exact same model) so I knew I wanted to try something a little different with the first 2. I went with opposite hands holding the power sword which meant I needed to have opposite hands with the 'Medical Equipment' stuff. I managed to track down the bits I needed from my Bits Boxes and came up with these:

An overview of the 2:

Here are a couple of close-up views of them individually:

I also managed to finish up several Jump Veterans (Vanguard Veterans). I really enjoy the way the black shoulder pads and gold helmets look on the Blood Angel Sergeants. Here are several looks at the Veterans:

Then there are these 2 fellows which I plan on using as the biological twins Perada and Lorator:

Well that is all for now although I will have another post later week detailing my use of the old metal Death Company minis as tactical marines. Take care and thank you for looking! Comments are always welcomed!

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  1. Looking good man! Having seen 'em in person I can safely say your pics don't do them justice.

    May I suggest bringing one of the light sources around to shine more on the front of the models, based on the shadows in the pics it appears that they're backlit quite a bit, which means most of what we're seeing is in shadow. Alternately, white balancing to the more shadowed portion of the background may help bring up the overall brightness of the pics.

    I can show you some tricks next time I'm over if you'd like.

    Keep up the great work, man!