Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Assault Squads on the Painting Bench

Well hello all!

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures showing what I have been up to today and to prove to Mordian 7th that I do indeed still remember how to paint (it has been years since I have picked up a paint brush in earnest).

Here are several views of the 38 Blood Angel Assault Marines that I am currently powering my way through. I had to take a break as I lost the natural light and I am waiting for a wash/glaze to dry. Tomorrow will see the final highlight on the yellow helmets then the under armor/tubing then the various stuff on the armor (eagles, purity seals, etc). I am still not sure what color I want to paint the bolt pistol and chainsword housings (the non-metallic areas of the weapons) any suggestions?

The goal to get these done this year should still be doable. Take care all and thanks for looking!

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