Monday, August 27, 2012

Formula Waaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings once again! The GenCon recap continues, this time covering one of my favorite times out at GenCon. A group of friends (4 of them from around the world) and I stepped up to the challenge of Ork Buggy Racing on a Saturday morning.......

The table was laid out in an oval with Ork Fans along the infield and outfield areas, this would become very important later on. Yes, there was an Ork Leman Russ tank which also would come into play at a later time.....

The collection of racing vehicles was fun and each one had something special about them. Several of the buggies/trikes had passenger Boyz and one even had a Nob. Much to our amusement there was a Grot wagon which was snapped up by my friend MvO.

Here is the wagon (and its reference sheet) I ended up with. This guy was the shortest wagon which I thought might help when it came to weaving around the wrecks on the course. I named it the Mini Ork'Opper.

The setup at the line just before the Warlord signals the start of the race. I ended up setting up last and instead of trying to squeeze into place along the start/finish line I ended up setting up towards the back (we were NOT late arriving!). My clever plan was to shoot my way forward weaving through the flaming wreckage. We waz the smartz ones!

The Warlord signals the start of the race while the tank looks on....

Here they come around the first corner while some are just getting started. The race sequence was handled by a random draw from a deck of cards.

Mordian7th (standing with his buggy sheet in hand) and MvO looking on a the chaos unfolds in front of the first jump.

The infamous Dr. Peel waiting for his turn to start shooting at his fellow racers or the crowd!

One of the other racers somehow called in a favor with some copter boyz and they launched a sneak attack! Blue on Blue...or would that be Green on Green! The crowd interference/enthusiasm was just starting, it seems that everyone wanted to get in on the fun!

Rocket Boyz leap out and hope to have some fun.....

As the mass of racers fight their way (literally in several cases as we were all shooting at each other) around the first corner the crowd goes wild and several jump on the track to join in the fun! There were dirty trick cards we were dealt at the start which were very funny and where the crowd interference came from. The Orks that jumped on the track were under the control of the player which played the card which of course led to several boarding actions as the buggies roared by. Several fights broke out as the racers had to fight off boarders while still trying to control their somewhat out of control buggy.

The first jump and the mass pile-up as everyone jockeys for space and speed to clear the jump.

Almost everyone did not clear the jump (most nose planting or spinning wildly out of control) while my short little buggy managed to clear the jump and the water obstacle AND maintain control. This put me in second place with only Mordian7th in front of me (the others in the picture here are spinning out of control and having serious mechanical difficulties).

Mordian7th wonders if his driver can somehow pull out of crash into the wall. One buggy is going the wrong way while trying to fight off some over eager fans.

There is mass chaos around the second jump with most everyone (except my little buggy) having serious mechanical problems (from all the shooting everyone was doing at each other) and the attempt to maintain the suicidal speeds everyone was traveling at. There were several buggies that spun completely out of control and went into the crowd.

Coming around the far corner now in the lead!

Crossing the start/finish line completing 1 lap! Oh what a lap it was! I am not sure I could have survived another lap. At this point the Leman Russ opened up on the last place teams to encourage them to go faster! The Warlord wanted speed!

Here is an overview shot of the end of the race.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers and maybe the only to finish a lap.

The devious Dr. Peel had a horrible driving accident and spun wildly out of control; through sheer will he managed to fling his out of control buggy at the Warboss. This knocked the Warboss off his podium but unfortunately for the Dr. the Warboss did not die......

All in all that was a great 4 hour game. Yes, 4 hours and we got 1 and 1/4 laps in, but what a grand Orky time was had by all. Thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

GenCon 2012: The Experience and Painting Comp Entries


Greetings once again! Well GenCon 2012 has come and gone and what a trip it was! I have attended GenCon (the biggest gaming convention in the US) for the past 8 years and each time it gets bigger and better! Here are some pictures of the entire GenCon experience:

Some of the various miniatures tables:

The Magic the Gathering area (I am so glad I never got into this game!):

Those were some very impressive trophies in that case! I never realized that Magic was so intense and competitive!

The BattleTech V.R. Pods. I really want to give this a try at some point!

Robo Rally all made from Legos!

The Card Hall where people could come and build giant structures from excess CCG cards, then on Saturday night they allow people to throw pocket change at the structures and all money collected goes to charity! I think this is brilliant and there were some impressive structures!

The Empire of Man extends to GenCon! Ave Imperator!

A giant balloon dragon!

 The new Dungeons and Dragons area was impressive!

A life-size Warjack! Most impressive!

A game I am eagerly awaiting!

Fantasy Flight Games had demos running of their new X-Wing dog-fighting game that looked very cool!

I had a chance to stop by and take a look at some of the painting entries for the various painting competitions that GenCon had going this year. There are always some stunning pieces entered and this year was no exception. Please excuse the poor pictures, I had to shoot through glass cases to get these shots.

My favorite piece of the entire show! It was titled 'My God Emperor is bigger than yours!'

I don't think the poor Blood Angel assault marine is going to make it!

Best in Show and Best Single Miniature. The freehand swirls on her dress were stunning!

Thanks for looking! Next update will include a run down of a game I played while there that was called: Formula Waaagh!