Sunday, May 13, 2012

Something a little different and shorter

Greetings once again!

I have been so very busy getting ready for the Summer Convention Season and the first one is only weeks away. Origins 2012 (May 30-June 3) is being held in Columbus, OH and I travel out there each year to meet with good friends, run a few Star Wars RPGs, do a little hobby shopping, take some hobby classes, and drink too much! I have been editing a couple of Star Wars modules (which will be run at Origins) which has taken up a fair amount of my time lately (along with working 50+ hours a week). So to reward myself a little I decided to paint up my roleplaying character for use this summer.

I would like to present to you: D'Abu'Da Abassk, Sullustan Privateer and Hero of the Rebellion!

The miniature comes from West End Games from the mid to late 80's! There is not a whole lot of detail (and what there was is not cast very clearly) on these old miniatures. The miniature also came with a solid metal base which I cut off so I could attach him to a resin tech-base (to represent the starships he usually can be found on).

I have had a couple of requests for photos which include something to give the miniature a sense of scale (especially useful with this tiny miniature) so here is a picture with a US Dime and a British Pound coins to give it a sense of how small the miniature is:

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look! Take care!